Cookie Policy

Last updated: 26th December, 2021

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that websites place on your computer as you browse the Internet. They store information so that the website is more useful to you.

Why does our service use cookies?

Some cookies are necessary for the use of our Service and some are used to help us improve the content of our website.


We use cookies to help you authenticate with our Service and to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing your account. We also use cookies to help our Service to deliver features to our users.


Expires: When the window is closed


Expires: After 1 week


Expires: After 2 hours


Expires: After 28 days


We use Matomo as a tool to help improve the content and performance of our website. No data stored on Matomo can be used to identify a user, as the data is anonymously aggregated. Matomo will not save any information if the Do Not Track feature has been enabled in the visitor's web browser. Matomo is hosted in-house and maintained by us.


Expires: After 13 months


Expires: After 30 minutes


Expires: After 1 year


Expires: After 30 years

You can either opt-out of Matomo by using the form below or set Do Not Track setting to enabled in your web browser.

Do Not Track guides